Spinner Shark: 


Exciting, Fast Paced Classic Tilt Game Themed for Shark Week in Vibrant Colors !

Spinner Shark is a thrilling deep sea adventure. You are an adventurous spinner shark just looking to collect your tasty “fish-gems”.

 You must avoid the dangers of the deep. Beware of toxic spills, angry dolphins and larger aggressive sharks. Other pitfall await too.

Dodge and dive in and out of the reef, to collect as many “fish-gems” as you can without losing your lives.

Share your Highscore on Facebook and Twitter.  Compete with your friends with this addictive getaway.

Enjoy your own music as you play. There is 1 sponsor and only 1 small ad on the menu screen, so you won’t be bombarded with time wasting ads and commercials while playing!

Enjoy!  Tell a friend!                






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The retro game app made for Virginia Tech Football fans.

VT Football fans can shoot at the current football seasons lineup of opponents helmets with their Hokie.  

Post their scores, enjoy Enter the Sandman start up, take on the special levels where they will have to avoid the Hokie Fryers and many other fun specialized Virginia Tech Football theme.

 Hokieball- screenshot